Degree Program Overview

I have taken online courses before, but the IMHS degree program has a professional college-level academic feel to it and it is just as good, if not better than sitting in a university classroom.... I priced and looked at a few other online degree programs, and I have to say this is the best you will find, and especially for the tuition cost, you are getting far more value than any other metaphysics program on the Internet. For those who may not have a good understanding of metaphysics, and for those who think they wrote the book on the topic, there is something for everyone here at the Institute. —Dr. Steve G., Virginia

How the IMHS Accelerated Degree Program Works

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The Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science Degree Program is administered under the direction and tutelage of Dr. Douglas Kelley who has researched and taught human development for nearly four decades. He is the author of scores of courses, books, audios, and concepts on a variety of metaphysical topics. Dr. Kelley has designed the IMHS Degree Program especially for busy people who want the knowledge and degree, but who simply cannot spend several years in getting it (as is normally required).

3 Easy Steps to Getting Your Doctoral DegreeOur metaphysical degree program is simple; we have streamlined it by offering Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees in an accelerated format to save you time and money thereby allowing you to use your knowledge and degree much faster than usual. If you complete just one course per month, you will complete the entire Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral Programs in 12 months. Or, you can take several years if you wish. The average IMHS student completes all three degrees in 13 months.


1. Start with Your Metaphysics Bachelor's Degree

  1. Several tuition plans are available and you can start with as little as $100 down. Sample Bachelor's Diploma - Click to Enlarge.

  2. Begin your metaphysics degree program with the five Bachelor's Degree courses which lay a critical foundation in metaphysical philosophy and practical life-skills that are crucial to your area of specialization regardless of which one you choose.

  3. To graduate with your Bachelor's Degree, complete the five Bachelor's courses.

  4. Once you graduate with your Bachelor's Degree in Metaphysics, you will receive your digital Diploma (PDF) and can put the letters "MHs.B" after your name.

Only interested in a Bachelor's Degree in Metaphysics? No problem! Simply stop here (Bachelor's Degree Assignment is required for students who stop here. Additional fee applies).

2. Continue with Your Metaphysics Master's Degree

  1. To graduate, complete the Bachelor's courses plus seven more courses required for your chosen specialization.Sample Master's Diploma - Click to Enlarge.

  2. Once you graduate with your Master's Degree, you will receive your digital Diploma (PDF) and you may put the letters "MHs.M" after your name. Printed versions of the certificates above are sent with your Doctoral degree documents.

  3. If your specialization requires it, you can apply for ordination from ICMH Church or use your ordination from another bona-fide religious institution (ordination is required for the specializations of Metaphysical Ministry, Spiritual Counseling, Life Coaching, Holistic Healing, and Hypnosis).

Only interested in a Master's Degree or Certification in Metaphysics? No problem! Simply stop here. However, why settle for a master's when you can have a doctorate? (Master's Degree Assignment is required for students who stop here. Additional fee applies.)

3. Complete Your Metaphysical Education with an IMHS Metaphysics Doctoral Degree

  1. To finish your Doctoral Degree, complete the IMHS Dissertation which is simply a review of what you learned and applied from your studies. Note that the IMHS Dissertation is different than traditional dissertations in that you will answer about a dozen questions related to your Degree Program studies. (Students who desire to write a traditional dissertation are encouraged to write a monograph or book instead after they have graduated.)

  2. Sample Doctoral Metaphysics PhD Diploma. Frame not included. Click to enlarge.Once you graduate with your Doctoral Degree, you will receive both printed and PDF versions of your Doctoral Diploma, Ordination Credential, Practitioner's Certificate (if applicable), Letter of Good Standing (if applicable), clergy ID badge (with holder and lanyard; if applicable), clergy dashboard parking sign (if applicable), and various blank marriage and other certificates for your use.

  3. You will then be able to put your choice of one of several designations after your name including "MHs.D," "PhD," "D.Min," or "DD," and can be called "doctor." Purchase a nice frame and you will have an elegant and well-earned credential to grace your wall.

Online, Annual Graduation Ceremony:

Since IMHS is an online school, it is only logical that our graduation ceremony should also be online. This allows students from all around the world to participate. Graduations are held the first Saturday in May. Any student graduating with their Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degree prior to this month may participate. Participation is optional.


Students who specialize in Metaphysical Ministry, Spiritual Counseling, Life Coaching, Holistic Healing, and Hypnosis will receive a complimentary lifetime membership in the International Metaphysical Practitioners Association. IMPA is a professional association of metaphysicians that will enhance your credibility.