Ufology Degree

Take Your Paranormal Training and/or Experience to the Next Level

Accelerated Metaphysics PhD Degree Program 

Get your degree in UfologyDoctoral Metaphysics PhD Degree Program. Metaphysics degrees. Metaphysical degrees.Despite the general critical opinion of paranormal research among the scientific community, paranormal science including Ufology is perhaps among the noblest of callings because it directly impacts the human condition more than most other fields of study. Paranormal research has the potential to make life-changing discoveries about human existence, extraterrestrial life, and our place in the Cosmos. For example, proof that we are not alone in the universe would be one of the greatest discoveries of all time and have immense meaning for our lives. UFO research involves nearly all metaphysical concepts.

The Ufology Metaphysics Degree covers all aspects of Ufology and abduction research giving students a broad base of knowledge. This course covers the same information as the Paranormal Science / Parapsychology degree, so students are cross-trained all aspects of paranormal research. Students who wish to focus on UFO research and investigations can choose from the specializations below. The curriculum for all specializations in this category is the same.

This specialization is excellent for students who desire to conduct paranormal and/or UFO investigations and research, start and lead a paranormal investigation team, write books on paranormal topics, present lectures and talks in the paranormal field, and more.

Primary Doctoral Degree is: (will be printed on your Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral diplomas)

Doctor of Metaphysical Humanistic Science

Specializing in: (will be printed on your Master's and Doctoral diplomas. Choose one)

Ufology MHs.D or PhD

Students who wish to focus on anomalous aerial phenomena including the extraterrestrial presence on earth may want to choose this specialization.

Paranormal Science MHs.D or PhD

Anomalous Research MHs.D or PhD

These specializations are the general designations for this path and can cover all areas of paranormal research and investigation. These designations are also a good choice for students who may have an interest in all forms of anomalous research.


Paranormal Certification: This degree also includes a Certified Paranormal Investigator certificate. Graduates can use the letters "CPI" after their names as well. Photo ID badge also included.

EVP Certification: Students who complete Course M29 will also receive a Certified EVP Technician certificate. Graduates can use the letters "CET" after their names as well.

Required Courses

Twelve courses are required for a Bachelor's and Master's Degree. For a Doctoral degree, the Doctoral Degree Assignment is required. The courses below have been pre-determined for this specific degree. More information about each course is provided on the Course Descriptions page or the IMHS Catalog. Students are also free to take additional courses beyond the 12 required to graduate if desired. Additional courses are available at the regular course tuition rate.

  1. MHs.B1: The Nature of Metaphysics

  2. MHs.B2: Metaphysical Self-Mastery

  3. MHs.B3: Metaphysical Intercommunication

  4. MHs.B5: Metaphysical Critical Thinking and Self-Direction

  5. MHs.M2-1: Advanced Metaphysical Concepts Course 1

  6. MHs.M2-2: Advanced Metaphysical Concepts Course 2

  7. MHs.M3: Metaphysical Psychology

  8. MHs.M7: Developing Your Innate Psychic and Intuitive Powers

  9. MHs.M16-1: Paranormal Science Course 1

  10. MHs.M16-2: Paranormal Science Course 2

  11. MHs.M18-1: Forensic Anomalous Evidence Analysis and Collection Course 1

  12. MHs.M18-2: Forensic Anomalous Evidence Analysis and Collection Course 2

  • MHs.D1: Doctoral Degree Assignment (review of what you learned in the program)

Additional Related Courses Available (students can choose these as additional courses if desired):

  • MHs.M19: Starting and Leading an Anomalous Research Team Courses 1 and 2

  • MHs.M29: Certified EVP Technician Course